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iPhone 5 Audio Features

Audio Improvements on iPhone 5

The new ‘thinner, lighter’ iPhone 5 serves up an array of software and hardware improvements. Let’s take a look at some of these improvements related to the audio system. Phil Schiller, senior vice-president of worldwide marketing at Apple, ran us through the new audio system at the Apple media event on September 12th 2012. Read… Continue reading

Audience Technology – Noise Suppression on iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Noise Suppression Technology

In what can only be described as a curious move, Audience, creators of noise supression chip technology, has announced that it appears unlikely the company’s technology will be used in the upcoming iphone 5. The earSmart technology is currently used in the iPhone 4S to reduce background noise. Noise suppression, serves to improve ingoing and… Continue reading

Analysis of AAC Vs MP3. Which is Better Quality?

MP3 Vs AAC audio quality at comparable bit rates

In my first post, we looked at cellphone ringtone formats, focussing on the .m4r used on iOS devices.

The question of codec compression quality was raised in the context of MP3 Vs AAC (M4A). While audio quality is largely subjective, there are some attributes of quality that we can measure… Continue reading

iPhone ringtone format explained. m4r, m4a. AAC vs MP3

iPhone ringtones – audio files with .m4r extension (AAC codec)

iPhone, along with all iOS devices, uses AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) as the default codec for audio files. Other consumer electronics manufacturers also use the codec as a default, such as Sony for its Playstation 3, while many others support the format. Although audio ‘quality’ is largely subjective it is… Continue reading