Audio Previews

Listen to sample ringtones from the ToneRack collection

Check out our sounds! We are confident about the quality of our tones and are pleased to provide audio samples for you to preview. Listen now and enjoy!


The original and best electro-styled sounds for your cellphone or mobile device. In this audio preview set you will find:

      • Melodic ringtones
      • Electronic ringtones
      • Ambient alarm clock sounds
      • Beats (electronic mini compositions in house, trance and breaks styles)
      • Regional styled ringers – US, UK, JPN, EUToneRack on the App Store


ToneRack SMS – Text and Notification Sounds

ToneRack SMS contains all of the original sound set remixed into short and highly usable SMS/Text, Notification, Alert, Tweet and Alarm sounds. In this audio preview set you will find:

      • SMS / Text sounds
      • Notification sounds
      • Mail alerts
      • Tweet sounds
      • Alarm sounds
      • Alert soundsToneRack on the App Store


ToneRack Rock – Heavy Rock Guitars

Get ready to shred… Screaming, heavy guitar sounds prevail in this latest sound set from ToneRack. ToneRack Rock features live studio recorded guitar sounds, produced with the ToneRack touch. In this set you will find:

      • Heavy guitars
      • Solos and riffs
      • SMS and notification soundsToneRack on the App Store



  • All ringtones are exclusive to ToneRack. You won’t find these tones anywhere else.
  • 100+ quality sounds in each App. We believe in quality not quantity. Who needs 1000 ringtones..? Not us. ToneRack simply provides a top quality sound bank of unique, niche sounds.
  • Studio produced using the latest and best equipment.
  • Mastered especially for cellphone usage¬†(small speaker systems on mobile devices). That’s why ToneRack tones sound amazing on your iPhone!
  • No trash – no obscene sounds, no elevator music, no fillers.

Current Sound Banks

  • ToneRack Original – The original ToneRack sound library featuring edgy, electro-styled ringtones. This version is all about electronic ringtones. You’ll find mini compositions in the ‘Beats’ category. Traditional ringers, sublime melodies and some craziness thrown in the mix for good measure.
  • SMS & Notifications Sounds – With the release of iOS 5 iPhone users finally have the ability to set custom notification sounds! So, we remixed our original sound set into shorter tones perfect for use as SMS/text, mail, tweet and alerts. All organised into easy to use categories.
  • Rock – We hit the studio to record some punishing, heavy guitar sounds. If you like your sounds rocking, check out these ringtones. Riffs and solos all produced with the ToneRack touch.