iPhone ringtones FAQ / ToneRack App FAQ

Here you will find answers to all of the common problems and questions about iPhone ringtones and ToneRack App. Please check the FAQs before sending a support email.


Ringtones not received by email – Current Issue 9th June 2015

There is currently a problem with emails not being delivered due to a server migration that is currently in progress. Please wait 24 hours and try again. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. If the problem persists, please email help@tonerack.com [Updated 10.06.15 - 21:15 UTC+10]

Downloading ringtones doesn’t work on iOS7

We can confirm that there is currently a bug due to the new iOS version - iOS7. The bug has caused numerous problems with the user interface and is not displaying the 'email' field, so it is not possible to enter your email address to receive your ringtones. There is currently no work around for this within the app itself and we are working on a fix, which will be released in an update. In the meantime, please email us with a  list of the ringtones that you want and we'll email them to you. We're very sorry for the trouble that this has caused, but we have been caught unaware by this latest iOS update, we've never had any problems like this with previous iOS updates.


ous devez synchroniser les sonneries avec iTunes.Une fois que vous recevez l'email. 1. Enregistrez le fichier joint / s sur votre ordinateur - glisser-déposer ces dans iTunes. Ou faites un clic droit "Ouvrir avec iTunes. 2. iTunes va les reconnaître comme des sonneries et automatiquement les placer dans le dossier des sonneries. 3. Synchronisez votre iPhone, et sélectionnez "Synchroniser Ringtones 'Toutes les sonneries" dans l'onglet Sonneries pour votre appareil. Si vous ne voyez pas un onglet sonneries dans iTunes lorsque vous essayez de synchroniser votre iPhone dans iTunes: Préférences - "Afficher" cochez la case «Sonneries». Rebranchez votre iPhone et vous devriez maintenant voir l'onglet. 4. Sur votre iPhone allez à - Paramètres - Sounds - Ringtone - et sélectionnez un ToneRack sons comme sonnerie. Vous pouvez également régler les sons comme les alarmes, rendez-vous - Horloge - Alarme (dans la barre d'onglet) - Edit - appuyez sur la flèche - son - et définir un son d'alarme ToneRack. Sons ont un préfixe ToneRack TR_ afin que vous puissiez les retrouver facilement!


Sie müssen Sync Klingeltöne mit iTunes.Nach dem Erhalt der E-Mail. 1. Speichern Sie die angehängte Datei / s auf Ihren Computer - Drag & Drop diese in iTunes. Oder der rechten Maustaste auf "Öffnen mit iTunes. 2. iTunes wird sie als Klingeltöne zu erkennen und automatisch sie in den Ordner Klingeltöne. 3. Synchronisieren Sie Ihr iPhone und wählen Sie "Sync Ringtones '' Alle Klingeltöne"in der Registerkarte Klingeltöne für Ihr Gerät. Wenn Sie nicht sehen Klingeltöne Registerkarte in iTunes, wenn Sie Ihr iPhone Sync Versuch-In iTunes: Einstellungen - "Anzeigen" ankreuzen "Klingeltöne" ein. Verbinden Sie Ihren iPhone und Sie sollten nun die  Registerkarte. 4. - Einstellungen - Sounds - Ringtone - auf Ihrem iPhone zu gehen und wählen Sie eine ToneRack Sounds als Klingelton. Sie können auch klingt, als Alarme, gehen Sie zu - Uhr - Alarm (in Tab-Leiste) - bearbeiten - drücken Sie die Pfeiltaste - Sound - und setzt eine ToneRack Alarmsignal. ToneRack Klänge haben eine TR_ Präfix, so dass Sie sie leicht finden können!


È necessario suonerie sincronizzazione con iTunes.Una volta ricevuta l'e-mail. 1. Salvare il file allegato / s al computer - drag and drop di questi in iTunes. Oppure fare clic destro 'Apri con iTunes. 2. iTunes li riconosce come suonerie e automaticamente posto nella cartella suonerie. 3. Sincronizzare l'iPhone, e selezionare 'Sync' 'All suonerie' nella scheda Suonerie per il dispositivo. Se non vedi la scheda suonerie in iTunes, quando si tenta di sincronizzare il vostro iPhone, in iTunes: Preferenze - 'Mostra' barrare la casella 'suonerie'. Ricollegare il vostro iPhone e si dovrebbe ora vedere la scheda testo. 4. Sul tuo iPhone vai a - Impostazioni - Suoni - Ringtone - e selezionare un ToneRack suoni come suoneria. È inoltre possibile impostare i suoni come allarmi, vai a - Orologio - Sveglia (nella barra delle schede) - Modifica - Premere il pulsante freccia - Suono - e impostare un segnale acustico di allarme ToneRack. Suoni ToneRack hanno un prefisso TR_ in modo da poter trovare facilmente!


あなたは、iTunesと同期の着信音をする必要があります。 完了したら、電子メールを受信します。 1。 /コンピュータによ添付ファイルを保存-ドラッグとiTunesにこれらをドロップします。または右クリックして[開くiTunesと。 2。 iTunesは、着信音としてそれらを認識し、自動的に着信音のフォルダに置いてください。 3。同期あなたのiPhone、およびデバイスの着メロ]タブの[同期着メロ'のすべての着信]を選択します。あなたが同期しようとしたときに、iTunesで着信音タブが表示されない場合はあなたのiPhone- iTunesで:設定-'着メロ'ボックスにチェックを入れ'表示'が。あなたのiPhoneを接続し、あなたが今着メロ]タブを参照してくださいする必要があります。 4。 - [設定] - [音-着メロ-あなたのiPhoneに移動し、ToneRackは、あなたの着信音としてサウンドを選択します。時計--アラーム(タブバー)- 編集-プレス矢印ボタン-サウンド-また、に移動し、アラームとしての音を設定することができますToneRackアラーム音を設定します。あなたは簡単に見つけることができるようToneRack音がTR_接頭辞を持っている!

I can’t hear any sound when I preview a ringtone.

Firstly, check that your phone is not muted. It sounds silly, but it's an easy mistake to make.
Check that your iPhone volume is turned up while an audio preview is playing inside the App. iPhone has 2 different volumes - one for the ringer, and one for other audio. The one for other audio can only be adjusted when audio is playing back, such as when you are listening to iPod, or previewing sounds in ToneRack.

Are the actual ringtones better quality than the preview I can hear in the App?

YES! Not that we think the previews are poor quality. The preview samples are a lower bit rate for quick streaming. The actual audio file you will receive is excellent quality and sounds great!

Can I download more than one ringtone at a time?

YES! You can cue up to five tones at a time. Simply use the Cue Tone button in the audio player.

I can’t find a ‘Ringtones’ tab in iTunes

OK, so it looks like these are the first custom ringtones you are adding to your iPhone! (Great first choice BTW!)
iTunes doesn't make the ringtones tab visible by default.
In iTunes: Preferences - under 'Show' check the 'Ringtones' box. Reconnect your iPhone and you should now see the Ringtones tab.

I haven’t received my sounds… Follow this checklist.

1.  Check that you entered your email address correctly in the App. 99.9% of the time the problem is an incorrect email address OR a mailbox error from your email service provider (such as mailbox full etc.).
2.  Look in your junk mail folder.
3.  Look in your trash or deleted items folder.
4.  If you find the email in either of these folders, mark the sender as safe for future downloads.

How to install ringtones onto iPhone

Select the tone you want.  Press the download button and enter your email address.  You will receive the ringtone as an email attachment. Once you receive the email: 1. Drag/copy the audio file into iTunes. 2. iTunes will place it in the ringtones folder automatically. 3. Sync your iPhone. Ensure that the ringtones box is checked under the ringtones tab, and choose ‘All ringtones’.

Why can’t I download the ringtones straight onto my iPhone?

We’d love to be able to do this for you!  However, Apple requires that you sync your ringtones via iTunes, in the same way that you sync other audio files.  At the moment this is the only way to do it.  We agree it's slightly annoying, but it's a simple process, really.

Wow, these ringtones really do sound different. What’s the big idea?

When we first got our iPhones to be honest we found the included ringtones a bit limited. When we went searching for 3rd party sounds we were even more disappointed with how much trash was out there, it seemed to be the same old gimmicky ringtones that people had been peddling for years.   Who needs 10001 terrible sounding ringtones? Not us… So we decided to do something about it- ToneRack. All you is ToneRack and you are on your way to quality sounds for your iPhone.